The Call for Participation

Call for Participation
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The Call for Participation for re:publica x Reeperbahn Festival has ended. We thank everyone who took part and will get back to you soon!

On this page you will find everything you need to know for your submission to the Call for Participation. We recommend that you read all the information carefully.
Many tips and details about the design of your session, the formats as well as all further information can be found in the FAQs.

We are looking forward to your idea!


In our Call for Participation, you can submit ideas for the three festival areas: Conference, Hands On and Off Stage.
The deadline for submissions for the Conference and Hands On and Off Stage programme was 6th August 2023. If you would like to submit another idea, write to us at

After you submit your session to us, it will be in curation. You can find the status of your session in the Dashboard after logging in to the republica website.

From the middle of August 2023, we will inform you about the final status of your session proposal.

Use our step-by-step guide for your submission.


CfP Guidelines - Step by step


Please read the CfP FAQs carefully.

  • In it you will find answers to technical questions and also tips and hints on what we think is good or what we value.


What makes a good CfP submission for us

  • Relevance, topicality, problem solving, attitude, opinion. We look forward to diverse topics, attitudes and opinions from across the (democratic!) spectrum.
  • Diversity and Gender Balance Diversity and gender balance are fundamental to an empathetic and inclusive community - they represent our attitude as organizers. We explicitly include people who do not feel they belong to the binary gender paradigm.
  • We want content - not pitches! Obvious advertising and marketing pitches don't stand a chance in the Call for Participation. The participants of re:publica and the programme team want captivating and well-researched content that deals with solutions and challenges of our digital society.
  • This does not mean that our attendees are not interested in the latest digital products or services. If you would like to present your innovation, contact our partner management colleagues and learn more about the many opportunities for your company to be a partner:


Choose a festival section

  • Conference
  • Hands On
  • Off Stage


Select a Category

Here you can find an overview of our main topics.


Select a Session Format


Lightning Talk

Short presentation that frames an issue, initiative or cause around a personal narrative.
1 Speaker
15 min + 15 min Q&A


Lecture speech on a specific (scientific) topic
1-2 Speaker
30 min / 60 min inkl. Q&A

Panel Discussion

(Controversial) conversation between participating discussants on a given topic, designed to give the audience an overview of the different points of view and to pool knowledge.
2-3 Speaker, 1 Moderator
45 min + 15 Q&A


Open format, casual get-together with republica community with common interests
1-4 Speaker, as many participants as possible
60 min

Hands On


Practical session with 1 or 2 workshop leaders, certain topics are worked out by the participants themselves, practical exercises are carried out
1-2 Facilitator(s)
60min /90 min


Intense learning programme with 1 or 2 workshop leaders
1-2 Speaker
45 min / 60 min +15 min Q&A


Develop, try or just play a game together with others
1-2 Gamer, optional: 1 Moderator
45 min + 15 Q&A


i.e fishbowl discussion, world café, speed geeking with moderation
2-4 Speaker, 1 Moderator, high interaction with audience
45 min + 15 Q&A

Off Stage


Temporary action, maybe interaction with people to put the spotlight on a topic
temporary, can happen more than once during the day


Temporary art performance
temporary, can happen more than once during the day


Object that will stay the whole three days.


Contests of any kind
temporary, can happen more than once during the day

Special Format

This is the place for any surprising or crazy idea.


Your final CfP checklist

  I have created a profile and fully completed via

 I have selected a festival section (Conference, Hands on,Off Stage, Nightlife) and programme category (Track).

  I know the possible presentation forms (talk, panel, workshop, installation, etc.) and have chosen the one that suits me,

 I have reviewed, understood and confirmed the evaluation criteria and guidelines.

  My CfP proposal supports diversity of perspectives across genders, communities, regions, fields.

  All contributors are invited, informed and confirmed.

   I'm filling out the form for my CfP submission as best I can ;).

You are ready to go - we are thrilled to receive your CfP submission!