re:publica Hamburg 2024

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We are delighted that the re:publica in Hamburg will be taking place for the second time this year in cooperation with the Reeperbahn Festival! Join us from 19-21 September 2024 and submit your contribution for the CfP now.


Call for Participation (CfP)

The Call for Participation for re:publica Hamburg is closed! THANK YOU to everyone who participated! We are now reviewing your submissions and will get back to you shortly!

On this page you will find everything you need to know for your submission to the Call for Participation for re:publica in Hamburg. We recommend that you read all the information carefully. We have also already answered the most frequently asked questions in our FAQs. Please read these carefully too.


The deadline for submissions is 10 July 2024. Once you have submitted your proposal to us, it is in the curation process. You can find the status of your submission in the dashboard after logging in to the re:publica website.

We will inform you about the status of your submission from beginning of August.

Submit your idea now


Quick guide to participation

  1. Create a profile on our website:
  2. Activate the registration link and login to your account:
  3. Go to your dashboard:
  4. Go to "Submit session" or "Click here for entry forms".
  5. Select a festival area: "Conference" or "Hands On".
  6. Fill in the CfP form

Once saved, you can view and edit your submission in the Dashboard. The programme team will then also be able to see it. You can edit it at any time up until the CfP deadline. 

Detailed step-by-step instructions can be found further down this page.


CfP Guidelines 


Please read the CfP FAQs carefully.

  • You will find answers to many of the questions you may have before, during or after submitting your proposal.


For us, this is what makes a good Science Year-CfP entry:

  • Relevance, being up to date, problem-solving, having a stance, opinionated: your submission should be convincing with a well thought-out concept. re:publica participants and the programme team wish for content that deals with the challenges of our digital society, where we can learn something, be confronted with new perspectives and solutions, and be inspired. Or content that is simply fun. 
  • We want content - not pitches! Obvious advertising and marketing pitches will not be considered. This does not mean that our participants are not interested in the latest digital products and services. In case you would like to showcase your products, please contact our partner management to find out more about the many opportunities for your company or organisation to become a partner: 

We want to provide space for different perspectives and reflect diversity: That is why place prime importance on gender equality. We also aim to include perspectives from diverse backgrounds, age groups, religions, beliefs, sexual orientations and disabilities. Other aspects of diversity are also relevant, such as education, social status, marital status and income.



As part of the CfP you choose a festival area:


The re:publica conference programme includes all formats taking place on our stages: From panel discussions to talks to interactive roundtables.

Hands On

Whether it's a (hardware) workshop, making and tinkering, gardening with robots, live biohacking or a TikTok dance tutorial: our "Hands On" programme includes all sessions with a practical and participatory approach .



Decide on a session format from your respective festival area:



Talk on a specific topic.
1-2 speakers
30min / 60min incl. short Q&A

Lightning Talk

Short presentation providing insight into a topic, initiative or project and its background. 
1 speaker
15 min + 15 min Q&A


Dispute or dialogue, without host / moderation
2-3 speakers
45 min + 15 Q&A


Open format, casual get-together of the re:publica community with common area(s) of interest.
As many interested participants as possible (only ticket holder can submit a meetup).
60 min


Moderated discussion, giving an overview of various points of view and bundling knowledge.
2-3 speakers, 1 moderator/facilitator
45 min + 15 Q&A

Speak up!

Format offering a high level of interaction with participants: Fishbowl discussion, World Café, Speed Geeking 
2-4 Sprecher*innen, 1 Moderator*in
60 min

Hands On


Participants are actively engaged, practical activities are carried out.
1-2 workshop leaders
60, 90 or 120 mins


Presentation of your DIY /Maker project
1-2 makers, Possibility to participate or remake
1-2 Festival Days


Then select a category (track) that matches your session:

  • Politics & Society
  • Education & Learning
  • Media & Public Spheres
  • Science & Technology
  • Economy & Work
  • Arts & Culture

Find out more about our tracks.


Step-by-step guide for profile registration and submission to the CfP

Step 1: Profile registration

a) If you already have a profile

b) If you are not yet registered 

  • Create your profile:
  • Enter a working email address.
  • Choose a profile name (we recommend a combination of first and last name).
  • Click on "Create a new account" and follow the instructions in the welcome message.
  • Activate the link in your email and click 'Register'.
  • Complete your profile, including the mandatory fields.
  • Save your information.

Step 2: Navigation after login

  • After logging in, you will be taken to the "Dashboard".
  • In the dashboard, you can find information about the CfP, read the CfP guidelines and access the FAQs.
  • You can also directly create a session or request support.

Step 3: Submit session

  • Click on 'Submit session' in the tab or 'Click here for entry forms' in the dashboard.
  • Select the festival area for your idea and click 'Submit session'.
  • Fill in the CfP form, especially the mandatory fields with a red asterisk (*).
  • Fill in all the required information such as title, abstract, description, tracks, format, language, speakers, moderator, experience, duration, comments and technical details.
  • Confirm that you have read the CfP guidelines.
  • Click “Save” to save your session.

Step 4: Add contributors

  • If your session has multiple contributors, they will need to each create a profile and enter their profile name.
  • In the CfP form, under "Participants", click "Add another item" and add the profile names.

Step 5: Log out

  • Finally, log out.

Please note that the session must be completed by the deadline of 10 July 2024. Until then, you can log in and make changes at any time. Please use the following link:

Good luck with your entry!


Your final CfP checklist

 I have created and completed my profile on

 I have chosen a festival area (conference, hands on, off stage) and a programme category (track).

  I know the possible formats (talk, workshop, performance, etc.) and have chosen the one that suits my submission.

 I have read, understood and confirmed the CfP guidelines.

  All contributors have been invited, informed and confirmed.

You are ready - we look forward to your submission for re:publica Hamburg 2024!